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Why Alkaline Forming Foods Are Important

'Your health depends on the balance of an alkaline environment, created by eating foods such as tomatoes, avocados and green vegetables...striking the optimum 80/20 balance and regulating your body's acid/alkaline chemistry through simple changes in diet can result in weight loss, increased stamina and strength, a stronger immune system and a greater sense of wellbeing.'

Robert O. Young, Pioneering scientist and author of The pH Miracle

How did our health get so out of balance?

After years of societal changes, millions of pounds of marketing spend and technological advances we, as a race, are now facing more dietary based health challenges than ever before.

It is no coincidence that the rapidly growing numbers of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes correlate almost exactly with the rise in consumption of acid forming foods such as sugars, trans fats, fast food, refined food and white breads. At the same time our consumption of fresh, life giving foods such as vegetables and essential fatty acids has decreased dramatically, making way for convenience and a generation hooked on sugary treats.

Becoming Alkaline

This is not as difficult or as technical as it sounds. When we talk about starting an alkaline diet we are referring to consuming those foods and drink which have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is based upon the mineral content of the food and therefore the alkaline or acid effect this has on the pH of the body. Some foods have an acidifying effect (usually those containing sugars, trans fats, dairy, preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals etc), whereas others have an alkaline effect. Conveniently for us, it just so happens that the foods that contain alkaline minerals (and leave an alkaline effect) are all the foods we already know are good for us: low sugar foods, fresh alkaline vegetables, nuts, seeds, salads, sea vegetables, water rich foods etc. And for the foods that contain minerals that have an acidic effect? You guessed it, sweets, alcohol, trans fats, meats, dairy, pizza, cola, biscuits, chips, white breads and pastas, refined foods, processed foods etc.

Of course, everybody is different - but most of us should aim to eat 70-80% alkaline forming foods and a maximum of 20-30% acid forming foods.

This does not have to be measured in calories, grams or anything technical, just look at your plate! Is 70% of the food on it alkalising? And for the other 30%? You can do with this what you like (how acid is up to you - dependent upon the results you want), but feel free to go for some oily fish, wholemeal pasta or wild rice for example.

pH Balance begins with super hydration & pH Drops are the easiest and most effective way of achieving your pH Balance.


  • You know how important it is to stay hydrated - and how much better you think and feel when you are properly hydrated.

  • To give yourself the boost that comes with alkaline hydration you need to drink water that is alkaline and mineral rich. 

  • By adding pH drops you can easily make alkaline water with a pH of 8.5+ - whenever, and wherever you are, so you can always experience the abundant vitality that comes with proper hydration!

  • Hydrate, alkalize and live with health, vitality and alkalinity with pH Drops!

H2O ⇔ H+ + OH-


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