Raising a family holistically can be a handfull of responsibilities, so many bodies to take care of, how do you ensure that everyone is getting the necessary elements to function at their optimal level?! At Ammas Healing Services family health is our focus, which is why we have combined a package of our most popular items to make things easy on you... From your hair, eyes and skin, to everything that's within, we've got you covered!!! Price Valued at $500 Outside of Goddess Life Elixir and King Power, all formulas can also be taken by children as young as 2 years old!( dosage modification is necessary) (Baby Bottle Boost can be administered to infants)...



(1)Goddess Life Elixir-female reproductive health elixir/hormone balancer, pleasure enhancer (1)King Power- male reproductive health elixir, prostate health,sexual enhancement (2) Divine Intelligence- memory/focus/concentration boost, headache treatment/ prevention (2) Divine Tranquility- sleep remedy, dream inducer, stress reliever, pain reliever (2) Illz B Gone- Immunity fortifier, blood cleanse/ natural iron (2) Supa Heru Capsules- Multivitamin, joint and bone builder, energizer (1) Supa Heru Powder Multivitamin, Joint and bone builder, energizer (1) Ammas Waste Release & Thyroid Support Powder- Colon cleanser, thyroid regulator, weight loss formula, meal replacement (1)Baby Bottle Boost- breast milk substitute formula (1) Sweet Cocoa Nilla Body Butter Tub- Anti aging body butter (2) Organic Hair Food- liquid hair elixir for growth, strength and beauty (2) Crystal Eyes- vision improving eyedrops/ improves brightness, eye beautifier (1) Herbal Tooth Powder Large- tooth whitener, enamel rebuilder, cavity prevention, plaque/germ reducer Indredients and instructions can be found on our other product pages, and will also be included in your package



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