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King Power Year Supply  (20 Bottles)

King Power is a male reproductive health elixir that has been cultured using ancient alchemical processes to enhance potency. 


The benifits include the following:

increase blood flow circulation to male reproductive system

stronger erections

increase in sperm count, 

balanced hormones

improved muscle tone

increased energy levels



Directions: 1 teaspoon daily dose. Maximum dosage is 1 tablespoon. 


(Only take Elixir in times where you are ready to be up and active, as it is highly energizing.)


WARNING: If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, please refrain from taking King Power, until the Hypertension is eradicated unless the pressure is monitored closely. ( consider Bio-Fuel Minieral to get your blood pressure under control.)


Ingredients: spring water, Malus pumilla mill. (with the Mother), African cherry bark, American dwarf palm tree berries, Andean ginseng, East Indian Pepper, Sea Vegetation blend,  blackstrap molasses, peppermint essential oil

King Power Year Supply (20 Bottles)

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