Crystal Eyes is an all natural eye drop that will make your entire eye CRYSTAL CLEAR,BRILLIANTLY WHITE and BEAUTIFUL! Additionally, Crystal Eyes improves the vision and prevents macular degeneration(aging eyes) by removing sugar molecules that solidify in the iris(which is the leading cause of poor sight). Crystal eyes is suitable/ useful in treating all eye conditions. Including glaucoma, sties, and other infections of the eye.



Crystal eyes works by making the cells permeable and Infusing them with pure minerals and negative ions from volcanic ash. Crystal eyes electrically charges the eyes and even purifies/ activates the pineal gland(first eye) for stronger intuitive insight. INGREDIENTS:SULFUR COMPOUND, NEGATIVE IONS FROM VOLCANIC ASH, CRYSTALLIZED 8.8 ALKALINE WATER. Directions: 3 drops in each eye daily

CRYSTAL EYES (bundle of 3)