Healthy Cells is a nutrient-dense formula of highly oxygenated plant foods and herbs. This formula contains the top rated foods on the ORAC scale which literally flood the body with healthy oxygen, penetrating the cell wall to regenerate mutated and or degenerate cells into healthy, living cells again.This formula is also great to take for for overall health and longevity.Additionally Healthy Cells has been proven to shrink cysts ranging from the sizes of grapefruits to peas, can expell uterine cysts,and shrink polyps.It is also suitable to take while on chemotherapy and will protect the body from the harmful effects of radiation exposure. Healthy Cells contains all of your daily essential vitamins and minerals including vit:A,C,and E, essential B vitamins, amino acids,magnesiums,phosphorus,selenium,zinc,organic sulfur and much more! It will increase energy levels,reduce mucus production and inflammation, and regulate the functions of the main internal organs.