Illz B Gone is your all around blood/ immune system formula. Natural antibiotic, pro-biotic, and antiviral and anti-fungal formula, IBG Will keep the blood clean of harmful bacterias, parasites, viruses and protozoa, to assist one in maintaining optimal health. It is very helpful in treating all sorts of infections/ sicknesses: common cold/flu, staph infections, yeast infections, All STDS, etc. IBG is also a supplemental iron formula for those who suffer from anemia. It is also suitable for treating allergies. Additionally: As all skin conditions are blood related, IBG is the ideal internal body formula for those who desire a clean/ clear complexion.


Directions: 1 teaspoon per day. For Severe Illnesses 3 tablespoons daily. Ingredients: proprietary herbal blend, black seed oil, Blackstrap Molasses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alkaline Water (All Elixirs undergo an ancient culturing process as well as pass through a crystallized chamber for maximum potency and effectiveness.)

ILLZ B GONE Bundle ( 5 Bottles)