OUR IMMUNITY BOOST KIT IS A COLLECTION OF 5 OF OUR BEST PRODUCTS  FOR PROPER IMMUNE & BRONCHIAL SYSTEM FUNCTION. FROM CLEARING YOUR LUNGS OF HARDENED MUCUS TO SUPPORTING THE BODY WITH OPTIMAL NUTRIENTS NEEDED TO MAINTAIN WELLNESS, WHILE FIGHTING VIRUSES & BACTERIA, THIS KIT HAS IT ALL!  ☆Illz B Gone is your all around blood/ immune system formula. Natural antibiotic, pro-biotic, and antiviral and anti-fungal formula, IBG Will keep the blood clean of harmful bacterias, parasites, viruses and protozoa, to assist one in maintaining optimal health. It is very helpful with all sorts of infections/ sicknesses: common cold/flu, staph infections, yeast infections, etc. IBG is also a supplemental iron formula for those who suffer from anemia. Directions: 1 teaspoon per day. For Severe Illness 3 tablespoons daily.Description: 4oz liquidIngredients: proprietary blood cleansing herbal blend, Blackstrap Molasses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alkaline Water (All Elixirs undergo an ancient culturing process as well as pass through a crystallized chamber for maximum potency and effectiveness.) ☆Breath of Life is the all inclusive lung/ nerve tonic. Suitable for asthmatics. Breath of Life deepens the flow of oxygen, while removing hardened mucus from the bronchial system and relaxing the nervous system to prevent constriction of the lungs. It is also suitable for those suffering from bronchitis and Pneumonia, as well as singers and orators as it prevents hoarseness and strengthens ones vocal cords. Directions: 1 teaspoon per day, 2 tablespoons in instances of bronchial infection/ shortness of breath/ and or asthma attacks(this product is not a bronchial dilator/will not replace the function of an inhaler.)Description: 4oz liquidIngredients: Alkaline Water, Mullein Leaf, Licorice Root, Black Seeds, Black Seed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Molasses. (All Elixirs undergo an ancient culturing process as well as pass through a crystallized chamber for maximum potency and effectiveness.) ☆Supa Heru Recharge: is the all natural & inclusive Human Battery Pack/ Life Support. While it provides the consumer with an abundance of energy, it also heals the entire human body from head to toe. This formula circulates/ cleans the blood, detoxes, rebuilds, and normalizes the functions of all of the internal organs. Naturally deodorizes the body including the colon. Beautifies & strengthens the hair, skin, and nails. Removes mucus and hardened plaque for healthy function of the brain, heart, lungs, eyes and sinuses. Improves mental clarity, memory & concentration. Strengthens bones, connective tissues, and joints. Improves mood/ prevents depression. Normalizes blood sugar, metabolism, and thyroids. It will also assist in building the immune system. This formula contains High Grade Protein, thus is excellent as a meal replacement, especially for athletes and those who have been injured and are in need of rapid recovery! Description:4 oz powdered herbs Ingredients: Moringa Leaf, Sea Vegetation, Organic Sulfur, Maca Root, Turmeric Root, Activated Charcoal Directions: 1 Teaspoon daily blended into juice or water☆Bio-Fuel Mineral Capsules : Bio-Fuel Mineral capsules are rich in the 102 vitamins and minerals the human body is composed of such as copper, protein, amino acids, chromium, all B vitamins, C & A vitamins, zinc, selenium beta carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine and more!   A super mineral alkaline herbal vegan formula that has been proven to decrease mucous and inflammation that causes arthritis and joint pain. It reverses brain disorders such as Alzheimer's, depression, and anxiety. It boosts immunity and helps to restore the digestive system while regulating healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. With the high amount of iron fluorine, it increases blood circulation and oxygen flow from the brain to the toes, which restores energy levels for those suffering from fatigue. This product also helps with libido in both men and women and promotes healthier skin and hair too! Bio-Fuel Mineral capsules are known to suppress your cravings for toxic gmo and processed foods by feeding the body all the minerals and vitamins that it needs. Description: 30 Vegetarian capsulesDirections: Take 2 capsules in the morning when you rise to start your day, but feel free to take them any time you need an extra boost within your day.  Daily Detox Herbal Tea   -Daily Detox has been proven to decrease mucous and inflammation within the nasal passage, lungs and respiratory system to active healthier breathing. It is a light detox formula that helps increase bowel movement to eliminate toxic wastes from the colon and intestinal tract that may act as hosts for infections an disease within the body. Just like a vehicle needs an clean oil change every 3 months, everyone deserves a good colon flush to ensure their body is working properly and in optimal health. Description: 12 Tea bagsDirections:Drink twice a day for best results.

Immunity Boost Kit


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