King Power Elixir


Natural herbal remedy for improving male reproductive health.

Experience maximum erection strength, size, and a boost in your stamina/libido. KP will also assist balancing the male hormones. It also aids in increasing the sperm count for more powerful ejaculations, which helps with the brain drain after sex.


 Lastly, with the natural Beta Sitosterols(natural steroids) it is the perfect formula to take before and after a workout.


Directions: 1 teaspoon daily. Maximum Dose 1 tablespoon

(Warning: Only take Elixir in times where you are ready to be up and active, as it is highly energizing.)


WARNING: If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, please refrain from taking King Power, until the Hypertension is eradicated unless the pressure is monitored closely. ( consider joing our fitcamp for men to get your blood pressure under control.)


Description: 4oz liquid Ingredients: Afrikan herbs, barks, and berries,Amazonian roots,sea vegetation, fermented apples, water, peppermint oil, Blackstrap mollases.


(All Elixirs undergo an ancient aging process as well as pass throuugh crystallized chamber for maximum potency and effectiveness)

King Power Elixir