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Resurrect The King Within You With The King Power Cleanse Kit!


What is it?

The King Power Cleansing Kit is your complete healing package!


Why do I need it?

You need it because it helps to cleanse your arteries, blood, lymphatic system, digestive system and nurture your circulatory system. Without it, you may not experience the true healing that you deserve!


Here at Ammas Healing Services, we aim to help you heal the root of your disease, not just treat your symptoms.


In today’s fast paced world, it's imperative that you have the necessary fuel, while remaining strong, clear-headed, stress free, balanced, HANDSOME!!!


It is important that you live every day in your King Power because it’s your birthright!


Who is it good for?

Every man needing to detox his body and nourish his reproductive organs, arteries and blood cells!



What do I get?

-1 Bag of Daily Detox Tea

(May help to detoxify the whole body.)


-100 Bio-Fuel Mineral Capsules

Helps to remove heavy metals, excessive mucus from the blood stream. It aims to also help regulate blood pressure and supports boosting the blood with iron and the other 101 minerals the body is comprised of to add more fuel.


-100 Potent Phallus Capsules

May nourish your blood and blood vessels for healthier blood circulation to the Phallus (Penis), which helps to obtain and keep a long lasting erection!


Part 2

-2 King Power Elixirs

May help restore prostate/reproductive system, empower you to increase stamina, libido, add more flare to sex life, & boosts masculinity.


Instructions are included inside with the kit.

Get Yours Today!

King Power Cleansing Kit

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