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Kings Potent Sexual Kit

This dynamic duo is exactly the combination you need to MAXIMIZE your reproductive health!


Two bottles of our most popular product! King Power is a male reproductive health elixir that has been cultured using ancient alchemical processes to enhance potency.


The benifits include the following:

increase blood flow circulation to male reproductive system

stronger erections

increase in sperm count,

balanced hormones

improved muscle tone

increased energy levels



Directions: 1 teaspoon daily dose. Maximum dosage is 1 tablespoon.


helps boost testosterone, increase stamina and erections, increases muscle mass and strength.

It helps with Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. It increases sperm quality and motility. It enhances Libido, Erections and Fertility in men. It reduces stress and anxiety related to sex.

It is beneficial for middle aged men suffering from symptoms of Andropause.

Even though it is mainly used as a male enhancement, the herbs within it contain Beta carboline alkaloids also helps them to be effective with fighting Breast and Lung Cancer cells.

It does all of this without spiking the blood pressure so it’s peaceful and gentle on the system.

Kings Potent Sexual Kit

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