MAMMA is the nurturur of the household,yet like a magician she wears many hats... She is our chef that ensures we are well fed, our psychologist that takes care of our emotional well-being, our personal body guard that will risk her life to protect us...And when we get sick, she is our Nurse & Doctor working overtime to quickly restore our health! The list goes on...She is simply our personal SUPER-WOMAN.... While being required to fulfill so many tasks and duties simultaneously, Moms easily become exhausted, depleted, sick, tired, and drained... MAMMAS WELLNESS KIT Was created for EVERY Mom to supply her with her everyday nutritional needs: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins so that she can not only effectively fulfill her many duties, but also stay healthy and beautiful for many years to come!!! (1)Goddess Life Elixir-liquid elixir for the supreme functioning of the reproductive system/hormone balancer (1) Divine Intelligence- liquid elixir for boosting mental clarity, concentration, and memory/prevents headaches (1) Divine Tranquillity-liquid elixir for the supreme functioning of the central nervous system reduces stress levels, prevents insomnia, and ensures a great nights sleep. (100) Supa Heru Recharge Capsules- daily multivitamin, daily detoxifier, energy boost (1) Ammas Waste Release & Thyroid Support Powder- For preventing obesity/colon cleanser (1) Organic Hair Food- hair elixir for Hair growth,shine,moisture, lustre, beauty, and breakage prevention (1)Sweet Cocoa Nilla Anti-Aging Body Butta- skin cream for decreasing/preventing wrinkles, while promoting elasticity, enhances glow & beauty, reduces appearance of scars CRYSTAL EYES- Eye drops for preventing vision loss, and for maintaining whiteness/eye beauty. MAMMAS WELLNESS PLAN- dietary regimen, fasting regimen, and heath tips for maintaining Supreme Health!!!



Mammas Wellness Kit


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