Mental Supremacy Supreme cognitive abilities and ultimate mental health are two qualities that most can only dream of... But with Ammas Mental Supremacy KIT, you can turn that dream into reality!!! These selected four formulas have been tried, tested, and proven to perfect the mind... Improve your mental clarity, focus, concentration, creativity and memory while improving your reflexes and rebuilding your DNA crystals for ancestral memory recall... And enjoy the sweet luxury of positive thoughts, sweet dreams and reduced stress while balancing your serotonin and melatonin production... MSK is the perfect bundle for all students, parents, sufferers of high levels of stress, those diagnosed with mental illness, children with autism, the elderly, and those who are simply ready to tap into their most supreme mental abilities... (Be prepared for pineal activation and astral travel while performing this kit)


Divine Intelligence Removes plaque and unwanted mucus from the brain along with heavy metals, while increasing the brains oxygen levels. Sharpens and fortifies the mind, while Improving ones memory & concentration. Prevents mental fatigue & assists in organizing ones thoughts, enhances creative thinking & communication abilities, and dispels negative thoughts. Additionally DI is a mood elevator, prevents Alzheimer’s Disease and strokes.It also attunes the crown chakra, while also cleansing/ rejuvenating the pineal and pituitary gland for increased psychic capabilities as well as maximum hormonal functioning. Directions: 1 teaspoon daily Divine Tranquility diminishes insomnia, promotes restful / meditative sleep, reduces stress, removes heavy metals and poisons,induces vivid dreams,improves self-healing abilities. Treats all conditions of the Nervous System. Directions: 1 teaspoon before bed LIMITLESS DNA REPAIR/ WOUND SEALANT-Repairs damaged DNA strands, allowing greater access to ancestral memory bank, increases ones mental capacity/psychic awareness, and spirituality. Prevents degenerative diseases and mental disorders. Seals internal and external wounds at a rapid rate. Directions:1 teaspoon daily first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallow. Mental Wellness provides you with essential nutrients and various herbs to support a healthy mind and positive mood while regulating the firing process of key neurotransmitters, and balancing your seratonin/melatonin production. Whether you are diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, mania, anxieties,psychosis, depression, rage,severe insomnia, high levels of stress, or are attempting to avoid hereditary mental conditions etc, Mental Wellness is the answer to your dreams!(suitable for those with diagnosis and without) Directions: 3-5 Capsules daily before bed



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