Potent Phallus Male Enhancement Capsules-100 capsules (1.5 months worth)Potent Phallus Male Enhancement Capsules are a unique blend of natural herbs that aid in increasing lean muscle mass, builds testosterone levels, enhances mood, causes blood to circulate better, helps to restore prostate health and increases sperm count. The natural herbs in this blend are commonly used in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries and have also been highly effective in medical cases to treat malaria, diabetes, cancer, andropause, mental disorders, high blood pressure, infections, fevers and more! Containing over 96 of the 102 minerals that the human body is comprised of, this is a perfect blend for a total body builder and restorer for men. Get your Potent Phallus Male Enhancement Capsules today and experience the amazing benefits for yourself. Instructions:Take 2 capsules daily in the AM with spring water. Storage:Keep Capsules stored in a cool place that does not exceed 85 degrees F. Shipping:We use USPS Shipping Methods to ensure safe and secure delivery options for both domestic and international shipping. Safety:Potent Phallus Capsules are safe for males of ages 13-100  It can be used daily or as needed. 

Potent Phallus Male Enhancement (100)