Female reproductive enhancement formula, for supreme functioning of sexual health and woman's vitality.


Attunes Root & Sacral Chakra. Enhances Sensuality/ Goddessness, Goddess Life Elixir is the answer to all womens' prayers. While this Sacred formula is largely geared toward enhancement of the reproductive organs, it also targets other parts of the body. GLE clears the womb of hardened mucus (early stages of cyst/fibroid formation), rebuilds the uterine walls after childbirth, naturally tightens and strengthens the vagina, increases vaginal sensitivity and lubrication, reduces inflammation during menstruation, and balances the hormones, prevents bladder/yeast infections, treats all menopausal symptoms while enhancing the sex drive. GLE makes sex a much more pleasurable experience for both the male and female. It is true vaginal rejuvenation, in a bottle. Additionally, GLE Beautifies the hair, skin, and nails while naturally enhancing the female curves.


Directions: 1 teaspoon daily, maximum dose 1 tablespoon


**Ingredients- Ayurvedic/Chinese Medicine proprietary blend, Amazonian Roots, Sea Vegetation, Licorice Root, Blackstrap, Fermented Apples, Peppermint Essential Oil, Water ( Only take Elixir in times where you are ready to be up and active, as it is highly energizing.)


WARNING: If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, please refrain from taking GLE, until the Hypertension is eradicated.(join our fitcamp to get your pressure under control)





King Power is the perfect formula for the total male body! This Herbal Elixir contains everything a man needs for overall wellness & maintenance of a healthy reproductive system. King Power will shrink an enlarged prostate/prevent prostate cancer and enhance overall penis performance. Experience maximum erection strength, size, and a boost in your stamina/libido.


KP will also balance the male hormones. It also increases sperm count for more powerful ejaculations, prevents the brain drain after sex, balances hormones, prevents frequent urination, treats bladder infections, prevents urethral irritation, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal .


Additionally King Power is the Male Fountain of Youth. It prevents hair loss by rapidly rebuilding the cerebral fluids, and also prevents the formation of wrinkles. Also with the natural Beta Sitosterols(natural steroids) it is the perfect formula to take before and after a workout.


Directions: 1 teaspoon daily. Maximum Dose 1 tablespoon (Warning: Only take Elixir in times where you are ready to be up and active, as it is highly energizing.)


WARNING: If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, please refrain from taking King Power, until the Hypertension is eradicated unless the pressure is monitored closely. (Join our fitcamp for men to regulate your blood pressure)


Description: 4oz liquid

Ingredients: Afrikan herbs, barks, and berries,Amazonian roots,ginger,sea vegetation, fermented apples, water, Blackstrap mollases, peppermint.


(All Elixirs undergo an ancient activation/aging process as well as pass through)

Royal Love Bundle


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