Activity: Supa Heru Recharge is the all natural & inclusive Human Battery Pack/ Life Support. While it provides the consumer with an abundance of energy, it also heals the entire human body from head to toe. This formula circulates/ cleans the blood, detoxes, rebuilds, and normalizes the functions of all of the internal organs. Naturally deodorizes the body including the colon. Beautifies & strengthens the hair, skin, and nails. Removes mucus and hardened plaque for healthy function of the brain, heart, lungs, eyes and sinuses. Improves mental clarity, memory & concentration. Strengthens bones, connective tissues, and joints. Improves mood/ prevents depression. Normalizes blood sugar, metabolism, and thyroids. It will also assist in building the immune system. This formula contains High Grade Protein, thus is excellent as a meal replacement, especially for athletes and those who have been injured and are in need of rapid recovery!


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    Description:4 oz powdered herbs Ingredients: alkaline water,organic fermented apple juice, Moringa Leaf, Sea Vegetation, Organic Sulfur, Maca Root, Turmeric Root, Activated Charcoal, raw honey