Human Hair is very similar to a garden. It needs proper soil,water,adequate sunshine, and food to grow healthily and in abundance... Which is why we offer Supreme Hair Nutrition as a supplemental hair food. Hair is coposed of 91% protein, various vitamins/minerals, and receives protection from fats. SHN consists of 18 chains of amino acids(complete protein), Vitamins: A,C,E,B Complex,K,F(fatty acids) Minerals:sulfur,zinc,phosphorus,selenium, calcium, Trace Minerals: gold,silver,copper, Fats: GLA, ALA, MCFA's Your hair is damaged, short, brittle, and dry because it is thirsty and malnourished... Water it with our Organic Hair Food(hair elixir),and give it a well balanced meal with our Supreme Hair Nutriton and watch it flourish!



Supreme Hair Nutrition is a nourishing hair cream that fortifies your hair from root to tip.SHN will stimulate the growth while preventing breakage. Additionally it gives your hair the body and lustre that you have been longing for. Looking for moisture retention? YOu've found it! SHN is the ultimate hair product for deep conditioning and everday styling as it keeps your hair moisturized ALL DAY LONG! SHN works wonders on damaged hair by rebuilding the proteins and sealing split ends. A natural detangler, it makes ALL hair types more manageable and adds a vibrantly beautiful shine! This cream is EXCELLENT for styling and setting and is also Amazing when it comes to heat protection! Ingredients: Raw Cocoa & Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Ocean Vita-Mineral Compound Directions: use as a daily styling cream or as a leave-in deep conditioner by applying from root to tip. Description:4 oz cream



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