GODDESS LIFE ELIXIR (2): Attunes Root & Sacral Chakra. Enhances Sensuality/ Goddessness. Goddess Life Elixir is the answer to all womens' prayers. While this sacred formula is largely geared toward enhancement of the reproductive organs, it also targets other parts of the body. GLE clears the womb of hardened mucus (early stages of cyst/fibroid formation), rebuilds the uterine walls after childbirth, naturally tightens and strengthens the vagina, increases vaginal sensitivity and lubrication, reduces inflammation during menstruation, and balances the hormones, prevents bladder/yeast infections, treats all menopausal symptoms while enhancing the sex drive. GLE makes sex a much more pleasurable experience for both the male and female. It is true vaginal rejuvenation, in a bottle. Additionally, GLE Beautifies the hair, skin, and nails while strengthening the heart, increases oxygen intake, and overall longevity.Directions: 1 teaspoon daily, maximum dose 1 tablespoonIngredients: Ayurvedic/Chinese Medicine proprietary blend, Sea Vegetation, Licorice Root, Blackstrap, Peppermint Essential Oil, Water ( Only take Elixir in times where you are ready to be up and active, as it is highly energizing.) ILLZ B GONE(2) Illz B Gone is your all around blood/ immune system formula. Natural antibiotic, pro-biotic, and antiviral and anti-fungal formula, IBG Will keep the blood clean of harmful bacterias, parasites, viruses and protozoa, to assist one in maintaining optimal health. It is very helpful with all sorts of infections/ sicknesses: common cold/flu, staph infections, yeast infections, etc. IBG is also a supplemental iron formula for those who suffer from anemia. It is also suitable for treating allergies.Additionally: As all skin conditions are blood related, IBG is the ideal internal body formula for those who desire a clean/ clear complexion.Directions: 1 teaspoon per day. For Severe Illnesses 3 tablespoons daily.Ingredients: 4oz liquid Ingredients: proprietary blood cleansing herbal blend, Blackstrap Molasses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alkaline Water (All Elixirs undergo an ancient culturing process as well as pass through a crystallized chamber for maximum potency and effectiveness.) PARASITE & WORM REMOVAL CREAM(1)- P&WRC is an all-inclusive antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-viral,probiotic skin salve. It is useful in all instances of infectious and non infectious skin expellations. This includes (yet is not limited to): acne, ring worms, staph infections, bug bites, athletes feet, herpes, fever blisters, razor bumps, yeast infections. HOW IT WORKS:P&WRC relaxes the pain-nerve response while it seeps into the pores of the skin and kills the bug.Since it is loaded with minerals, it then goes forward to heal the damaged skin, preventing scarring. Additionally P&WRC is excellent for overall male/female genital maintainence as it keeps these bacteria prone areas clear of harmful parasites. Directions: apply to affected area daily until the issue is resolved. For female genital application, simply massage into the external/internal vaginal walls using a finger or q-tip.For male genital use simply apply by massaging cream over the pubic area as well as penis. WARNING(use precation while applying and wash hands thoroughly after use,may have a tendency to stain clothes. Ingredients: anthelmintic(worm removing)/blood cleansing herbal compound,nervine pain compound, ocean minerals,sulfur compound, black seed oil,beeswax, raw shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil

Vaginal Health Kit


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