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Wife Material 101 Webinar Course




Wife Material 101 Webinar Course

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$400.00Sale Price
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  • Ordained Priestess, Law of Attraction Love Coach, Certified Wife, herbalist, wellness coach & Sacred Woman, Herb Alkhemyst imparts tips on how to prepare to accept TRUE LOVE into your life!


    After years of disappointments and failed relationships Herb Alkhemyst began to take a step back and recognize the patterns she had been creating that led to disappointments in love.


    Years of in-depth research of male psychology, self work, and curse breaking has led her to a fulfilled marriage with the love of her life!  This course will teach you the major steps to help you break free of relationship karma, while fortifying your intuition and spiritual protection to finally call in the right partner to spend the rest of your life with. Learn how to properly nurture self and your future mate while also gaining insight on creating lasting intimacy…


    Prepare to equip your mind to be the ultimate team player that offers true support and brings respect to herself and the legacy of her husband!


     Are you ready to finally experience the love life of your dreams? This webinar series allows you to dig deep into yourself and get rid of the baggage that has kept you unhappily SINGLE for so long. Learn  Skills that healthy men truly want and NEED from a Wife!





    ⁃ Improving Intuition

    ⁃ Spiritual/ Karmic Clearing

    ⁃ Spiritually Protecting, your mate


    ⁃ Presence(online and in public)

    ⁃ Modest dressing for wives 

    ⁃ Cleanlinesss

    -What to put into your mind:

    -Become very structured


    -Creating Fun


    ⁃ Self Care

    -Meal prepping


    ⁃ Divinely Nurture your mate 

    -Hair washing ritual

    ⁃ Intimacy: touch, tease, pleasure


    -Oral sex techniques 



    Power Coupling:


    -How to support his dreams


    - Being a team player


    -Legacy Building



    What You Get!


    ***A 20 minute private love consultation with Herb Alkhemyst.


    ***4 Life Wife Building Webinars led by Herb Alkhemyst


    ***Access to private Facebook Group to receive daily motivation and interact with other future wives.


    ***HERBAL PRODUCTS-1 Digestive Healing Tea, 100 Bio-Fuel Mineral Capsules, & 1 Goddess Life Elixir!

    *** You will also receive a Love Divination reading with the Herb Alkhemysts Husband,

    Baba Ifasogo.


    He will assist you with the following:


    •Find Out How to Break Past Life Curses

    -Ifa Guides You to Free Yourself from Negative Love Patterns.

    Learn how to identify and break past life curses that are holding you back from living your best Love life.


    •Get The Remedy To Calm The Anger of Heavenly-mates

    -You may be experiencing with love due to your husband (Oko) or wife (Aya) in Heaven (Orun).

    Want to know what your Oko/Aya Orun wants from you in order to bring harmony and balance to your love life on Earth?


    •Find Out How To Clear Bad Karma

    -Dealing with toxic relationship baggage, karmic contracts, and spiritual cord cutting issues?Ifa Gives You The Spiritual Tools To Release Negative Energy, Create Positive Karma and Add Stronger Layers of Spiritual Protection


    ***Ultimate wife document: Yearly detox schedule, book recommendations for improving relationships, links for self care products and tips to improve household as well as homework for creating space to receive love and creating a dynamic relationship.


    Valued at $1000, this course is available to you at only $400 for a limited time! 


    Don't miss this chance to take your love life with self and others to the next level. Click the Buy Now button and Register Now for our Wife Material 101 Course.


    You will finish this course feeling empowered and fully equipped to be a great wife to a worthy husband!


    June: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 5pm EST

    (playbacks are available if you miss the live recordings)

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