WOMB WASTE X-SPELL KIT Every woman deserves at the very least, one thing in life... A HEALTHY REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM! However nowadays 90% of women have become inflicted with womb and vaginal pathologies including: fibroids, pcos, endometriosis, tubal blockage, painful/ irregular menstruation,infertility, reoccuring vaginal odors and STDS etc... With 60% of women having a hysterectomy by age 60,it is safe to say that the birthright of having a healthy womb has become a distant memory for most... The Uterus is the bodies 6th channel of elimination. With that said it collects waste( both emotional and physical) that is meant to be released via menstruation and vaginal discharge. However due to a poor diet/ lifestyle, abortions, toxic chemicals, imbalanced hormones and sexual trauma, the normal functions of the uterus have become altered creating a host of treacherous womb disorders. This is why We have designed our Womb Waste Xspell Kit, to get your Uterus back in alignment with its ORIGINAL blueprint design... If you have a womb, have experienced a womb pathology,std, abortion, childbirth, had a hystorectomy, or are currently going through menopause, THIS IS THE KIT FOR YOU!!! ****NOT SUITABLE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN****



Our Womb Waste Xspell Kit is suitable for all women( even those who have had hystorecomies) It has ben tried, tested and proven to treat all classifications of fibroid tumors:Submucosal, Intramural, and Subserosal (no matter the size), xspell excess endometrial tissue and encourage the cells to grow in their proper form (inside the womb instead of outside), Shrink and Xspell uterine cysts, regulate the menstrual cycle, eliminate menstrual pain, repair and restore the womb and vagina after childbirth(especially c-sections), increase fertility, xspell excess candida and ongoing infections such as bacterial vaginosis, remove tubal blockage, and also restore vaginal walls and secretions while balancing the hormones of those who are experiencing menopause or have had hystorectomies.... Every woman deserves a healthy/ pain free reproductive system! Experience a free and clear womb with our Womb Waste Xspell Kit TODAY!!! DESCRIPTION: (2 Bottles) Goddess Life Elixir- hormone balancing/ womb cleansing liquid herbal elixir. Goddess Life also treats menstruation/ menopause symptoms while enhancing your sexual performance and pleasure. Assists in detoxing and processing toxic emotions


( 2 bottles.) Healthy Cells- Highly Oxygenated herbs that are traditionally known to shrink growth and tumors while preventing cellular retardation. (


(1 bottle) Ammas Pain Relief: nervine and pain releiving herbs


1 Healthy womb yoni steam blend- herbs for steaming the reproductive system for overall womb maintenace and health 


Womb Waste Xspell Plan- detailed document to teach you how to achieve and maintain a healthy womb through dietary and lifestyle changes.




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